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By lynn
May 14, 2012
Tags: training   protocol   emergency   safety  

If there's never been a time in your office where you've had to deal with a medical emergency, you are lucky. But what if that changes tomorrow? Will you be prepared? Whether you face a case of syncope, a Diabetic insulin reaction, anaphylaxis, seizures or cardiac arrest, your team should develop an emergency plan describing how to handle each situation. Here are some basic drills:

  1. List and have handy some important phone numbers so all personnel can get them quickly
  2. In the event of an emergency, each staff person should be assigned specific duties. No one should have to ask, "what should I do?"
  3. All emergency supplies should be kept in the same area. This is so no lost time occurs during a crisis.
  4. Certify yourself in CPR. All office staff should work towards certification and this should be encouraged and supported by the doctor.
  5. Frequent drill enactments of all types of medical office emergencies should be practiced. 

Have you ever had to deal with a medical emergency in your practice? Share what happened, how it was handled and what was the outcome of your teams actions. What kind of emergency protocol do you have put in place?  

By lynn
May 14, 2012
Tags: efficiency   staff   training   opportunities  

Is this a concept you've considered in this time of economic frailty? Is cutting staff your first knee-jerk answer to reducing your overhead? If you want to work SMART...that is, reduce doctor's time with patients, so that the practice can see more patients and increase practice revenue without compromising comprehensiveness....and do these without burning out or spending every waking hour at the office...consider an alternative option! Taking the time to train, develop and integrate your staff more effectively into your treatment protocols can result in improved efficiency and financial rewards. Increasing their role and utilizing them in the most productive way possible is a plus for everyone - the practice, the doctor, the patient and your staff. What are you waiting for? For training opportunities available to you...see our Staff Training and Office Productivity Workshop

By lynn
May 14, 2012
Category: Staff Management
Tags: training   tasks   delegation  

Start by asking yourself...What tasks can I delegate? Not everything can (or should) be delegated. Carefully select those jobs that can be quickly taught and which you are personally comfortable letting go of. Once staff has become more confident and can prove to you that they are able to handle lesser tasks, move on to bigger ones. Eventually, based on their level of proficiency, you'll want to delegate specific tasks that allow you both to generate revenue simultaneously, e.g. while you are giving an injection, they can be taking an orthotic foot impression or apply and instruct a patient in night splint wear. Proper delegation is more than just assigning work to someone else. It's not only letting go of a task; it's also transferring the decision-making responsibilities along with it. It's about empowering and trusting people..Delegation is NOT passing things on because you don't want to do them, they are too difficult or too boring! Are there concerns about delegating tasks in your practice?